Riverlee partners with Sustainable Stripout at 179 Queen Street

4 October 2021

In an ongoing commitment to reducing Australia’s landfill, Riverlee has proudly partnered with Sustainable Stripout on a recycling initiative that sees unwanted office furniture recovered for future use.


Sustainable Stripout is an organisation that diverts office waste from going into landfill, matching reusable furniture with buyers, and then donating the profits from these sales to charity.


From corporate companies to sole traders, everyone has a role to play in reducing a business’ environmental impact. Over 50,000 tonnes of waste from office strip outs goes into Melbourne’s landfill each year, with only 5 per cent of this waste being processed by resource recovery.


These alarming figures prompted Riverlee to consider the greater measures that can be taken to recycle office furniture across tenancies that supports Sustainable Stripout’s environmental, economic and social ethos.


Office chairs, desks, cabinets and shelving from Riverlee’s 179 Queen Street have been given a second life through Sustainable Stripout’s buyer matching program. These items are recycled to furnish new business spaces, instead of wastefully ending up in landfill.


So far Riverlee’s work with Sustainable Stripout has seen 43 cubic metres of office furniture diverted from landfill. From the funds raised, the Riverlee Foundation will direct to other worthy causes.


Riverlee managing director Kevin Lee says the company is committed to ensuring it is part of Australia’s long-term landfill solution, and not part of the problem.


“Commercial asset owners can play a role in reducing waste from old fit outs and increase recycling efforts.”


“Sustainable Stripout has empowered us to realise how simple it is to take small, actionable steps that minimise our environmental impact and concurrently support worthy causes.”


The partnership with Sustainable Stripout at 179 Queen Street demonstrates Riverlee’s commitment to exploring innovative approaches that benefit wider communities.


Learn more about Sustainable Stripout here.