Everything starts with an idea,
but it’s what you do with that idea
that matters.

Visions. Values.

Riverlee is a Melbourne based, privately owned property group specialising in development and asset ownership across the commercial, residential and retail sectors.

Established in 1993 by Clement Lee, Riverlee is renowned for delivering leading urban design outcomes that foster a sense of place and a belonging.

At Riverlee our design philosophy is simple – we create places with people at the centre. With a specific focus and commitment to preservation, culture and creativity, we immerse ourselves within the communities in which we work to intimately understand the current and future needs of the area and its people.

A family business at its core, Riverlee has cemented itself as a trusted and respected brand within the Australian property market. Today, a new Lee generation carries forward Clement’s values of hard work, determination and design excellence with a strong vision for the future.

With a passion for urban renewal, Riverlee has completed and delivered in excess of $2.5 billion of urban land and master-planned communities, commercial office, residential, and hotel developments; with an active development pipeline in excess of $3 billion

Place. Purpose.

Everything starts with an idea, but it’s what you do with that idea that matters.

Riverlee is known for delivering visionary projects that lead the industry, both creatively and commercially, while always honouring the region’s history, heritage and community. We pride ourselves on doing more than just what’s required for a project and deeply care about the impact our projects have on the communities in which we develop, and the legacy left for generations to come.

Always proactive in our approach, we plan for where the market will be tomorrow. Each decision is informed by meticulous research, every detail is highly considered, and each site is chosen for its ability to enhance livability, and potential to contribute to the architectural narrative of an area.

We are excited by challenging sites as these often imbue character and cultivate the identity of an area. We take pride in sourcing and unlocking underutilised areas for employment, investment, entertainment and housing.

The Riverlee Foundation

At Riverlee, we believe that education increases a person’s chance of living a healthy life and improves social outcomes. We created the Riverlee Foundation to provide philanthropic support to charities that empower and enable disadvantaged young people. By focusing on education, we help make a real and positive impact on the lives of young Australians through enhancing opportunity and skills development. We give to smaller organisations, as they are able to put our donations to best use. We also contribute to health and research organisations to support all people and their future.

We look for opportunities to build value for the family, our brand, our clients and partners



  • 2020

    Melbourne Design Awards, Display Suite Residence - Silver

Jaques Richmond

  • 2018

    International Property Awards Best Residential Award Asia Pacific - Winner

  • Property Council of Australia Awards for Development Innovation - Finalist

  • The Urban Developer Awards Development of the Year Urban Regeneration - Finalist

  • 2017

    Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) Victoria Urban Renewal Award for Excellence - Winner

179 Queen St

  • 2016

    Best Sustainable Development, Exisiting Buildings PCA - Finalist

108 Flinders

  • 2016

    Property Council of Australia Best Residential Development - Finalist

  • 2015

    Melbourne Design Awards - Winner

  • AILA Award for Design in Landscape Architecture (VIC) - Winner

Inkerman Developments

  • 2004

    Environment Theme - Inkerman Oasis Housing Development

  • 2003

    Green Building Nomination, Oslo Save Water Award, Sustainable Built

  • 2002

    Stockholm Partnership for Sustainable Cities Award

  • 2001

    Water Sensitive Urban Design Project Award

  • 2000

    United Nations Association of Australia World Environment Day Awards

Clarion Suite Gateway Hotel

  • 1998

    The Gateway Penthouses - Silver Medal