Riverlee to deliver 5 per cent year-on-year emissions reduction across key fixed assets

30 June 2023

Riverlee’s approach to asset management is centred on uplifting tenant experience and bringing quality upgrades to deliver unique and considered workplaces. Sustainability is a key driver in achieving these objectives and Riverlee commercial buildings enjoy a range of energy, water, and waste management initiatives to minimise their environmental impact. In 2022, Riverlee’s key assets achieved an average NABERS rating of 4.37 stars, which was a strong result for repurposed existing buildings.

Now, as both the City of Melbourne and the building industry look to new ways to limit environmental degradation and secure a stronger future, Riverlee is leading the charge with further upgrades to the five major assets under management across Melbourne and Hobart. Each year, Riverlee is committed to reducing emissions across these buildings by 5 per cent, as well as achieving a minimum 5-star energy base building NABERS rating.

In addition to the environmental value of improving the efficiency of Riverlee assets, there is demand for these initiatives among our tenants. A recent annual building survey found that 62 per cent of the tenant community would prefer to occupy a space with green and sustainable credentials, quantifying the increasing value of sustainable buildings and practices, something Riverlee is committed to delivering.

Led by Riverlee’s Senior Operations Manager, Simon Attard, and General Manager of Asset Management, Nick Warren, Riverlee is already in the process of negotiating new electricity contracts to encapsulate purchasing renewable green power in all buildings where feasible.

Riverlee will work with its consultants to execute on a strategy tailored to each property. Energy performance will be monitored on a quarterly basis through the software analytics platform Skyspark. Meanwhile, environmental consultants Greenpass will complete and manage NABERS certifications on an annual basis while managing the utility usage of Riverlee buildings each quarter.

Heating and cooling upgrades, and the removal of gas boilers, will ensure the comfort and well-being of tenants, while significantly lowering emissions. The Asset Management team will also continue to work with tenants to encourage recycling and waste reduction in workplaces.

Riverlee is committed to sustainability and reducing its carbon and environmental footprint across its fixed large asset portfolio. By paying close attention to the needs of the local and global community, and listening to the feedback of our tenants, this new commitment allows us to further uplift the experience within these commercial buildings and allows our tenants to be better global citizens in the collective challenge of mitigating climate change.



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