Lovely Banks

  • Type

    Residential / Mixed-use
    Total site area: 1,000 hectares

  • Location

    Lovely Banks, Victoria

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A landmark project like no other, Lovely Banks is set to become one of Australia’s largest mixed-use developments.


Spanning over 1,000 hectares with 15,000 homes for 45,000 people planned across five neighbourhoods, Lovely Banks is a world class new town that will reinvigorate Geelong’s north, and measurably contribute to the broader Geelong community.

Underpinned by a broad scope and grand ambitions, Lovely Banks will become a benchmark new community that enhances the lives of those who interact with it so they can thrive, leaving a legacy for generations to come.


How we build this community will be just as important as what we build. Inspired by One Planet Living Principles, Lovely Banks will deliver a range of innovative sustainability programs and community partnerships focused on making a positive difference to Geelong’s vibrant future.


Unique parklands will connect the beautiful geographical location that provides the foundation for the development. The overall design concept demonstrates how we envisage drawing on the ideal location and natural beauty, that aligns with the ‘Clever and Creative’ vision for Greater Geelong, to create a one-of-a kind community.


Lovely Banks in the advanced stages of planning, and construction is relatively imminent in context of the entire project development timeline.


Lovely Banks Development Group – A united consortium

The Lovely Banks Development Group (LBDG) has partnered with Newland Developers to deliver the vision for this landmark development.  LBDG is a joint venture established by the Lovely Banks landowner consortium to develop their land holdings at Lovely Banks as a single integrated masterplanned community.  The ownership consortium comprises four developers: Riverlee, Bamfa Properties, Costa, Sunrise Ventures and Newland, many with a long and proud heritage in the Geelong region.