The former Tattersalls Hotel in Hobart has been restored into a 400-person live music venue, ‘Altar’, in partnership with DarkLab as a place of reverence for live music and community gathering in an effort to bring the site’s long history of cultural activity alive again.


A peak into history shows that during the mid-1800s, the hotel then known as ‘Bath Arms Inn – Circus and Stables’ held a diverse range of events, including public meetings, animal auctions, and was also home to ‘Ashton’s Circus’ in a rear paddock that is now part of ‘In the Hanging Garden’.

‘In the Hanging Garden’ includes an outdoor dining and beer garden, rotating pop-up kitchens with local vendors, ‘Altar’ bar; a live music venue on the ground floor of the former Tattersalls Hotel, ‘High Altar’; a nightclub on the first floor of the hotel, and of course the Odeon Theatre, a live music venue in one of Tasmania’s oldest theatres.